Who We Are

Leitner AG is a subcontractor highly specialized in the manufacturing of surgical instruments for medical technology. What makes us special is that we offer everything from a single source, from consulting and rapid implementation during the prototype phase to series-ready production, including packaging in a clean room. And all this is based on around 20 years of experience in the industry.


About us

Since its foundation in the Bernese lakes region, at the heart of Health Valley, Leitner has benefited from the outstanding workforce with its exceptionally high level of training in this region, which is also famous for watchmaking and micromechanics.

We offer a one-stop shop for comprehensive consulting, services, and prototype and series production, covering all aspects of positioning surgical instruments on the market. We have the expertise to assist you with even the most complex of tasks, from A to Z. It goes without saying that we understand the demanding regulatory and documentation requirements involved.

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What distinguishes us

Our values

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Our customers can reply on quality throughout every step of our work. Within our team, we attach great importance to maintaining reliability and trustworthiness among colleagues. We keep to our commitments and do our utmost to meet our customers’ expectations.

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We adopt a flexible approach to meeting the needs of our customers. We are both physically and mentally agile and always solution-oriented. Our approach is dynamic – we move forward, actively engage with change and never stop. In every situation, we strive for the best and identify innovative solutions.

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We treat colleagues and business partners fairly. It is important to us to create a supportive community where we help one another and cooperate in order to succeed together.

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We are focused on working towards concrete results. We understand that customer requirements are individual and therefore we adapt our approaches accordingly. We get to the heart of the matter rather than focusing on the maximum – efficiency is always at the heart of what we do.

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We are open to new ideas. We value different opinions and are always prepared to explore new perspectives. Our curiosity encourages the development of innovative ideas – we believe that it is only through openness and curiosity that real progress can be made.

Our Responsibility

Quality Management

Leitner AG’s quality policy illustrates the company’s aspirations: our goal is to achieve the highest quality in all of our activities, both towards our customers and towards our employees and partners. To ensure quality, we have a quality management system in place that defines the processes and responsibilities involved in detail.

We meet the high demands of regulatory requirements such as EN ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 820, but never lose focus of the customer.

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We are here for you

Manuel Hoffmann
Head of Production
Adrian Gasser
Head of Sales & Marketing
Sarah Held
Human Resources / Finance
Jost Wäfler
Quality Manager
Michael Sägesser
Manager Avor / Purchasing / Projects
Lukas Gfeller
Production Planning




Friedrich Leitner, an Austrian citizen, founds a company in Biel for the production of mechanical precision parts. Leitner AG is located on the outskirts of the city, directly by the lake. It employs two people.


Daniel Müller takes over 100% ownership of the company. Together with his wife Andrea, who handles the administration side, Müller leads the company to sustainable growth with great vision.


Acquisition of the first CNC machining center. In order to work in a field resilient to economic cycles, Müller further develops his initial contacts with the medical technology industry. The number of employees grows to seven.

Leitner AG, Unternehmen 1989

Leitner AG buys an industrial building and moves across the lake to Ipsach. The number of employees grows to over twenty, and two extensions are necessary.

Leitner AG, Unternehmen 1997

Leitner AG focuses increasingly and ultimately exclusively on medical technology. Daniel Müller completes a postgraduate course in medical technology in order to serve customers as an equal. The company name is now Leitner AG, Medizintechnik. Thanks to excellent quality and outstanding employees, the company succeeds in laying the foundations for long-term relationships with its most renowned customers: Synthes, Stryker, Smith & Nephew, and Zimmer, to name but a few.


Move to Busswil into a new building with 2400 m2 of production and office space. Increase in the number of employees to over 30, where the building capacity was designed for a maximum of 45 employees. The company develops into one of the most important suppliers of surgical instruments in Switzerland. The reasons for this success are a consistent reinvestment of profits, the employment of highly qualified and motivated employees, and in particular the unique selling point of offering a complete range of services, from consulting and production to cleaning and packaging.

Leitner AG, 2011

Daniel and Andrea Müller sell Leitner AG, Medizintechnik to Moser-Baer AG in Sumiswald to ensure an orderly transition for customers and employees. Leitner AG remains legally independent. Both companies maintain close cooperation and mutual support in their respective areas of expertise.

Leitner AG, Gebäude Sumiswald

A sensibly timed transition phase begins. Daniel Müller believes that a company can only be successfully managed if the handover is also successful. Thus, Ronnie Hirsbrunner takes over the management. Having worked at the company for 12 years, originally as quality manager, Ronnie Hirsbrunner has experienced the development of the medical technology industry at close quarters and has helped shape the company’s success.

Daniel Müller, however, remains with the company in both an advisory and operational capacity and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors.


Relocation to a second 500 m2 site in neighboring Studen. Organic growth has become inevitable to serve the customer base. Fortunately, a quick solution is found, and the foundations are laid for a new expansion. Between 2018 and 2021, the company grows from 45 to 65 employees.


The existing building in Busswil was extended to include an additional approx. 3000 m2 for production and administration to integrate the infrastructure of the second location in Studen, which was set up as a temporary facility.

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Engagement & Sponsoring

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